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  • Puneet Ghanshani

    Puneet Ghanshani

    Sr. Architect at Microsoft

  • Erick Garayblas

    Erick Garayblas

    Technopreneur. Cartoonist. Husband. Dad. Founder at @kuyimobile. Co-founder at @popsiclegames. Co-founder at @choochooapps.

  • Chiranthie Bluetooth

    Chiranthie Bluetooth

    Please keep in mind that I'm the queen of typos... I don't mean to be an idiot

  • Roigiano


  • Jen Nipps

    Jen Nipps

  • VegetarianZombie


    Unity Team Lead at http://www.raywenderlich.com, YouTuber.

  • Shazly Makeen

    Shazly Makeen

    Smartphone enthusiast, social media evangelist. @HootsuiteAPAC (LK) Ambassador. P.S: All veiws are my own unless I retweet yours. 

  • Gaveen Prabhasara

    Gaveen Prabhasara

    Writer of stuff (e.g., words, code, commands). Into: Science, Technology, Open Source, Linux, Poetry, Writing

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