• The Grommet

    The Grommet

    We launch Makers' undiscovered products & help them succeed. Discover What's Next.

  • Rochelle Recharged

    Rochelle Recharged

    Lawyer, and Mum. Love legal things especially Intellectual Property. Love my kids more. Sometime crocheter and poet.

  • Jake Rossman

    Jake Rossman

  • Saqib Saud

    Saqib Saud

    Passionate iOS Developer, Blogger and Photographer.

  • David Lewis

    David Lewis

    To know me is to love me.

  • marcello nisi

    marcello nisi

  • Eric Williams

    Eric Williams

    Wise ass. Family man. Always looking for interesting people for enlightening conversations. Occasionally has the urge to say or do socially unacceptable things.

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